Résovet Équins in chavannes-de-bogis

Veterinary experts in equine health care covering French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France

General and specialist medicine

Our team of vets provides a complete service, from preventive medicine to sports follow-up treatments

The best technology

At RéSoVet Equins we have all the equpment required to provide a complete hospital service at your stables, ensuring a quick diagnosis and rapid treatment

About RésoVet Équins

Our practice is entirely devoted to the care and treatment of horses and other equids.
While our main focus is on musculoskeletal issues (lameness), we cover all aspects of horse health and well-being.
We come to your stables fully equipped with the latest and best technology.

Veterinary treatments for horses in french-speaking Switzerland

Our services

Maybe you’re looking to buy new horse or perhaps you’ve noticed lameness, resistance or discomfort when riding. We can help.
Here are just some of our services.

Sport medicine

For endurance racing, carriage-driving or show-jumping, we have the required expertise in equestrian sports to provide your horses with ongoing care to ensure their well-being for training and competition.

Telephone consultation

With the help of technology, we can still tend to your horse’s needs through the COVID crisis.
We now offer remote veterinary consultations for any health concerns you may have about your animal.

Résovet Équins values and commitment

We offer an extremely varied range of services for animals.
A number of service providers are available.
A broad range of techniques.
At RéSoVet, our approach puts the emphasis on evidence-based medicine.
While we don’t deny the contribution of alternative or unconventional medicine, we offer traditional veterinary treatments, based as far as possible on data obtained through scientific study.

We have adopted a number of values that govern the way we work:

. the availability of our three vets

. care and consideration for our customers

. total respect for the animal

. transparency, both medical, in terms of your horse’s records, and financial, offering affordable care.

We can provide quotes for planned treatments.

. provision of high-quality treatments, as all our vets have obtained a university diploma specialising in equine veterinary medicine and including an internship.

Our total dedication to you and your horses, ponies and other equids stems from our overarching passion for their health.

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